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Hoteleus LLC, a mayor tour operator of Mexico’s Copper Canyon and the train Chepe route, is proud to announce the publication of the updated tours to Mexico’s Copper Canyon 2022. Thousands of people around the world dream about visiting this amazing destination and discovering the route of Chepe train. Travel Designer Eddie Christian Aguilar Kleimann and his team crafted all tours to adapt to the schedules of Chepe train and to visit the most important stations of the journey to Mexico’s Copper Canyon. With more tour options to Mexico’s Copper Canyon that any other travel agency and expert travel agents Hoteleus helps to promote sustainable tourism in one of the most amazing and unknown destinations Mexico has to offer.

“With our updated tours to Copper Canyon we are more than ready to receive and help travelers around the world to discover this amazing destination,” explained Eddie Aguilar, travel designer of Hoteleus. “Of course COVID-19 has had a hard impact on tourism, but things are moving smoothly in Copper Canyon. The destination is more than prepared to make the trip as safe as possible and we see more and more tourists coming each day. They are returning home with a big smile and that is the biggest satisfaction we can get.”

To learn more about Copper Canyon, visit You can view the top tours to Copper Canyon on Hoteleus’ website at: Spanish speaking travelers can also view the complete list of tours to Mexico’s Copper Canyon and tren Chepe at:

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The Tour to Mexico’s Copper Canyon Explained

Mexico’s Copper Canyon is part of a mountain range that starts in the central part of Mexico and continues north to Arizona in the United States. Tourists visit the Copper Canyon in many ways but the most popular is by taking the “Chepe train”, which runs from Chihuahua to Los Mochis and back again. The Copper Canyon railway is a masterpiece of engineering of the XX century. The railway was built to connect the state of Chihuahua in the central north part of Mexico with the Pacific Ocean. During the journey tourist can see stunning views of the mountains by crossing rivers, tunnels, and bridges. The train ride is about 390 miles and takes around 16 hours to be completed. Most travelers board the train each day for few hours and stop at the different stations of the route to see the local villages and tourist attractions. Called by the Society of American Travel Writers as “The world’s most exciting train ride” the Copper Canyon tour has everything: culture, boutique hotels, adventure, nature, and delicious food.

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Hoteleus provides guided tours to Mexico’s Copper Canyon, other destinations of Mexico and Costa Rica. It is currently the most important tour operator of Copper Canyon and has helped more than 13,000 tourists since 2013 to visit Copper Canyon.


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