The Train to Mexico’s Copper Canyon Reopens for the Autumn Season

After the iconic train route through Mexico’s Copper Canyon was forced to close during September, tours are resuming along with regular rail services starting Friday, October 14


Mexico Copper Canyon Tours – the largest tour operator in Copper Canyon that welcomes more than 3,000 tourists and adventure-seekers each year – is pleased to announce that they will be reopening along with the two Copper Canyon train services, the Chepe Express and the Chepe Regional, beginning on Friday, October 14.

Due to damage caused by heavy rainfall in September, all train services were paused to allow repairs to be carried out to ensure the continuance of the safe and efficient train services that visitors and locals alike have come to expect. For those planning to visit Copper Canyon this fall, the Chepe Express, a tourist-oriented service renowned for providing the best way for visits to explore the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains, will resume operations starting Friday, October 14.

“Finally, after a strong rainy season, the railway is ready to receive tourists again safely,” said Eddie Aguilar, travel design specialist and Founder of Hoteleus, a full-service tourism firm specializing in Copper Canyon travel. “The summer months are always popular, but we are reopening just in time for my favorite part of the year when the views are just spectacular!”

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Mexico Copper Canyon Tours, part of the Hoteleus Travel Designers group, have been curating tour itineraries in the region for over 13 years. Their tours vary from 3-day excursions to 8-day experiences, including stops to take in the beautiful natural beauty as well as the history and cultural experience.

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