Copper Canyon Adventure Park is full of activities for everyone. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to enjoy your trip to the fullest. This is one of the most popular attractions of Mexico Copper Canyon Tours.

First of all, there is something very important that you should know: Divisadero, Posada Barrancas and Parque Aventura Barrancas del Cobre are very close to each other but they’re NOT the same.

Copper Canyon Adventure Park: ​​everything you need to know

Parque Aventura (Copper Canyon Adventure Park) is a place where you can find the Cable Car, (with a capacity of 60 people) which crosses the mountains and offers an impressive view; the second longest zip line in the world, ”via Ferrata” and much more.

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We’ll leave a review of each attraction down below!

Opening hours and costs

The Copper Canyon Adventure Park opens its doors from 9 am to 5 pm every day and has an approximate cost of $25 pesos per person.

We recommend you to arrive at the Park as early as possible, so you can enjoy the activities without feeling rushed. Also, you have to be aware that to enter the different attractions you must queue.

Cable car

The cable car goes from the entrance of the Copper Canyon Adventure Park to a spot in the middle of the canyon, traveling around 2,700 meters long to witness an unique view. There are 2 units and they make the route every 30 minutes (or 15 in high season) and each trip takes about 10 minutes.

Cost: $250 pesos per person, $ 130 pesos per child (3-12 years old)

Zip Rider

The second longest zip-line in the world, with 2,530 meters where you can reach a speed of up to 130 km / h in a 2-3 minute journey, from one end to another. Once you finish throwing yourself by the zip-line, you use the cable car to get back. To climb the zip line, you must walk uphill approximately 30 minutes.

This attraction of Copper Canyon Adventure Park is mostly recommended for adults only. There is a sign with the rules to carry out this activity, where it says that the weight of people must be between 45 kg and 120 kg and to be less than 65 years old.

Cost: $1000 pesos per person

Via Ferrata

The Via Ferrata is only done when the weather it’s in optimal conditions. What does it consist of? It includes 48m of rappel, five hanging bridges of different levels of difficulty, 2 caves, a ”Tarzan jump” and 250m of semi-climbing. It lasts around 2 hours and is for adults only, since it is the -most difficult- activity.

The rules of the attraction are a minimum height of 1.20 m and a maximum weight of 120 kg.

Cost: $450 pesos per person.

There are other activities within the Copper Canyon Adventure Park, such as hiking trails and cycling. There is also a space for children.

Where to stay? There are different lodging options in that area. In Divisadero, you will find the famous Hotel Mirador, which has been awarded for the spectacular view of the canyons.

So in your visit to Copper Canyon Adventure Park, you will have many options of activities to do. We hope this information has been useful and that you enjoy yoour next Mexico Copper Canyon tour.