Visiting Barrancas del Cobre is an experience that you can not miss. Check the Chepe train guide, with everything you need for your trip.

Barrancas del Cobre is a group of majestic canyons located in the Sierra Tarahumara, in Chihuahua. It takes the name of Copper Canyon because of the copper color of its walls, which can measure up to 1,879 meters in its deepest part. In total, this imposing scenario covers 60,000 square kilometers, several times the size of the Grand Canyon of Arizona.

In this Chepe Train guide you will see that the Copper Canyon is quite an experience, since you can do it by traveling on board a passenger train unique in its kind: “Chepe”. In addition to having the opportunity to visit historic cities, magical towns and natural attractions during the tour.

“Chepe Train” Guide

“El Chepe” is a passenger train that since 1961 travels 563 kilometers of the Chihuahua-Pacific route (from there his name CH-P). This train was prepared to provide tourist service to people who want to visit Las Barrancas del Cobre and its surroundings.

What you should know before boarding

There are some important recommendations that every traveler should know before starting the adventure, for example, did you know that there are two types of trains? In this Chepe train guide we tell you what your differences are.

Chepe Express – This train is made up of 6 wagons with capacity for 340 passengers, a car bar, a restaurant and a terrace. This service is mainly designed for tourists with more exclusive tastes and at the same time has two classes:

  • Executive Class – with comfortable seats, reclining and central table, drinks and snacks service during the journey, audio system, HD screens, windows panoramic, attention and service on board and two luxury bathrooms.
  • Tourist – comfortable and reclining seats, HD screens, panoramic windows and two bathrooms.

The Urike restaurant is installed in a two-story car of the Chepe Express. The upper floor consists of a dome to admire the landscape while you taste a dish of your menu for breakfast or lunch.

The “Chepe Express” has departures on certain days of the week and goes from Los Mochis to Creel and back. It is advisable to book in advance through a specialized travel agency. The trip to the Copper Canyon and El Chepe requires planning because there are different important touristic points to visit. In addition the quality of the services can vary enormously between the hotels. It is best to consult a specialized travel agent and select any of the packages found here. The Chepe Express is the most expensive. If you are looking for a cheaper option but also a great one, use the Chepe Regional.

Chepe Regional Train – From Los Mochis to Chihuahua and vice versa. The Chepe Regional train is the traditional Chepe train that has traveled the Copper Canyon for several years. All tickets that you buy in the Regional Chepe must be in the 1st Class. The second class does not come out every day and is not intended for tourists. All the packages that you find in Hoteleus with the Regional Chepe are in 1st class of this train. The train consists of 4 to 7 wagons for 64 passengers with cafeteria service. Buying a ticket from El Chepe Regional allows you to make three stops at the stations you want and take the train on another day. In this way you will have time to spend the night in one of the charming hotels of the region and know the surroundings. You must organize your trip considering that the Chepe Regional does not travel every day.

Routes and schedules

Chepe Express leaves Creel in the morning, making stops at Divisadero, El Fuerte and arrives at Los Mochis in the afternoon. You can also make the route in the opposite direction, leaving from Los Mochis in the morning and arriving at Creel in the afternoon. The schedules vary according to the time of the year.

Regional Chepe runs the Chihuahua-Los Mochis Monday, Thursday and Saturday, leaving in the morning and arriving at night. For Los Mochis-Chihuahua you will have to address Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Remember that with your ticket you have the right to make three stops and stay one or several days in each place, at no extra cost.

Train schedules may change. We recommend you call a specialized travel agency. In our guide Train Chepe we make you these recommendations so that you enjoy your journey.

Cuauhtémoc Station

You can visit Cuauhtémoc if you do the Chepe Regional route. The main attraction of this city is to visit the Mennonite Fields, a community of immigrants whose lifestyle and customs seem to belong to another time and place.

National Park Cascadas de Basaseachi

Basaseachi is 145 kilometers from Cuauhtémoc. In this park is the highest waterfall in Mexico with 246 meters high, with permanent water fall. It is important to note that the route of El Chepe does not go to Basaseachi. One of the most common recommendations is to make this section on tour because on the way you can visit the Mennonites and then Baseaschi or vice versa (depending on the direction in which you go)

To contemplate in all its splendor you must make an hour of walking from the community of Huajumar. The best time to do it is during the rainy season from June to September, since the rest of the year may not have as much water.

When hiking within the park you could find typical species of the region such as white-tailed deer, raccoons, foxes , otters, lynxes, squirrels, chameleons, eagles, woodpeckers, pípilos, among others.

Basaseachi is one of the most spectacular and fantastic places in the Copper Canyon. The huge fall of water forms a breeze that when crossed by the sun can turn into a beautiful rainbow.

In our tours to Barrancas del Cobre all the packages that have in their name the word <<Basaseachi>> visit this beautiful waterfall.


This town has been awarded the denomination of Pueblo Mágico (Magical Town), for its beauty and cultural richness. In this area live the Rarámuri, an ethnic group recognized for its ancestral culture and for being strong and skilled runners.

In addition to the beauty of its streets that are often painted white during the winter, Creel has several sites of tourist interest. One of the main attractions in Creel are its valleys with peculiar rock formations, such as the Valle de Hongos (Valley of Fungi),de la Ranas (of the Frogs) or de los Monjes (of the Monks).

Rukíraso Waterfall– In the Mochogueachi valley, where Cañones del Cobre is born, this imposing waterfall is located. The tour can be done on foot or by mountain bike. On the way, admire the cave paintings of the raramuri caves, enjoy the wooded landscapes until you reach the waterfall 30 meters high.

Cusarare Waterfall – In this beautiful waterfall located in the middle of a pine forest you will also find the most spectacular viewpoints towards the canyons.

Arareko Lake – It is located 9.5 kilometers from Creel. You can rent a boat and take a relaxing walk in its waters while you admire the landscape.

Barrancas del Cobre and Divisadero

It is at kilometer 622 of the route, here the main attraction is its views towards the Copper Canyon. Enjoy them from their different viewpoints. Stay at the Mirador Hotel, the best hotel of the entire route, a charming building on the edge of the ravines, where each of its rooms has a spectacular view. The tours to Barrancas del Cobre de Hoteleus include lodging with full board at this fabulous hotel.

Another must-visit is the Barrancas del Cobre Adventure Park, where extreme experience and contact with nature are combined. Among its main attractions are the third longest cable car in the world with 3 kilometers in length, zip lines and suspension bridges with a total of 5 kilometers, the Zip Rider, the largest zip line in the world with 2,650 meters. Admire the scenery from its restaurant with a glass floor. For this activity we recommend walking shoes and comfortable clothes.


The route of “El Chepe” stops in this town where many decide to go down by the nearby attractions that can be visited. Such is the case of Cerocahui and Urique.

Cerocahui – It is 30 minutes from Bahuichivo, it is a picturesque little town in the middle of the Sierra Madre. The first thing you will see is the high tower of a Jesuit mission dating from 1680. You can visit its waterfall, located 3 kilometers away. Well worth the trip, with scenarios that will leave you breathless. We recommend comfortable shoes and non-slip.

Urique – This town is approximately two hours from Bahuichivo station, it is a very hot area. Visit the town and visit its hot springs.

El Fuerte 

El Fuerte is a Pueblo Mágico (Magical Town) in Sinaloa, it shows palpable of the convergence of two cultures. It preserves 7 ceremonial centers such as Tehuoco and a community museum that shows the clothes, objects and instruments used in the ceremonial dances. It also has the remains of a Jesuit mission and the church of Dolores.

Chepe train guide: latest recommendations

If you want to go to Parque Aventura Barrancas del Cobre you should know that most attractions close at 3:30 PM, so to make the most of it, we recommend that you spend the night at the Barrancas del Cobre station or Divisadero or in Creel  but you must arrive early at the park.

The best season to travel is during or after the rainy season, that is, from July to September, to admire the waterfalls in all their splendor and the greenery of vegetation. Although many people prefer to go in the winter season as there is snow and the views are spectacular.

The wonders of the Tarahumara mountain is one of the best experiences in the world. We hope that with this Chepe train guide you have clarified your doubts regarding routes, types of service and places to visit on your trip to Copper Canyon.