Do you know the differences between the New Chepe Express and the Regional Train? In this post, we’ll explain the advantages and differences between both train systems.

Important note: The Tren Chepe Regional stoped servin tourists from March, 2020. The only available train for touris now is Chepe Express. Cotnact us for more information.

One of the most shocking tourist experiences in Mexico is traveling onboard the Chepe train. Surprisingly, this is the only passenger train in the country, and it is also the only land connection between Chihuahua and Sinaloa. On the way, you will find about 87 tunnels and 37 bridges that you can observe in a seat in the first row.

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The 653-kilometer route goes into the famous Copper Canyon, a series of canyons that have little comparison worldwide; in fact, they are more extensive than the Grand Canyon of Colorado in the United States. Without a doubt, traveling by the “Chepe” train is an incredible experience!

Differences between trains

The idea of ​​building a railroad in this privileged area of ​​Mexico, but geologically hilly, arose in 1880 by the then president of Mexico, General Manuel González.

However, there was so much complexity at the engineering level and the cost of the project, completed in November 1961. Since then, the “Chepe” train travels every day through the Sierra Madre Occidental.

The Regional “Chepe”

El Chepe Regional is the famous traditional train of the Copper Canyon. We must remember that the trip is about knowing the different tourist attractions that there are in the stations. This is the way to live one of the best life experiences. 

All tickets purchased must be in the First Class of El Chepe Regional. The ticket allows you to get off at three different stations during the day with no additional cost. 

The difficulty for the visitor who does not travel through an organized tour is that he has to accommodate his itinerary to the frequency of the train, that is the reason why he is better hire a tour that takes you to the places that worth it. The regional train has a la carte menu and has a comfortable bathroom at the end of each car. It also has a cafeteria service throughout the tour. When compared to the “Chepe” Express, the travel time is longer (16 hours in the case of the “Chepe” Regional).

The New “Chepe” Express

Chepe Express Woods

The “Chepe” Express is thought to be a luxury trip. Observe with maximum comfort the beauty of the Sierra Tarahumara while you savor a dish in the restaurant of the train. If you are looking to accompany the adventure with five-star comfort and first-class dining options, the new “Chepe” Express is perfect for tourists of your profile.

This high-end train has a terrace, bar and a restaurant called Urike, with a menu designed by renowned chef Daniel Ovadía. With respect to the dishes of the restaurant, local delicacies are included, such as the chilli-chili stuffed with green sauce for breakfast, the tamale de chayote, the ax callus or the poblano chili soup for lunch and dinner.

Inside the train, there are two sub divisions that include the business class and the economy class. For the “Chepe” Express tours only the most emblematic stops are included; for example, El Fuerte, where you can contemplate interesting architectural, cultural and natural attractions.

Barrancas del Cobre or Divisadero are a must stop for the regional or foreign visitor, since here are the three most important canyons of the Sierra Madre: Urique, Tararecua and of Copper. Within walking distance is the Magical Town of Creel, which is considered the gateway to the mountains and is the place where most of the population is concentrated.

As the train only stops in four stations, the time of travel is about 9 hours. The “Chepe” Express tours include visits to places like Arareko lake, the Valley of the Fungi and the Valley of the Frogs, where you can perform outdoor activities such as bicycle rides, horseback or ATV.

Finally, another difference between the two trains is that the New “Chepe” Express has Wi-Fi available, although you will not always enjoy connectivity in its sections.

To discover the packages available on the “Chepe” Express tours you can check it out in our website, so you can count on a trip tailored to your budget and with financing options.