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The New and Stunning Copper Canyon Train Route

The Copper Canyon Train

Hello! My name is Eddie and I have advised people travelling to the Copper Canyon train for 10 years now. Probably you are here because you were queryng “Copper Canyon train”, “tours to Mexico’s Copper Canyon” or a similar term in Google. So, you are interested in making the trip to Mexico’s Copper Canyon and to discover this fantastic destination.

As I want to help you fast and accurately, I will try to solve your main doubts. In my mind they must be related with the following subjects:

  • General introduction about the Copper Canyon train
  • Give you a geographical idea of the train route
  • How to plan a vacation to Mexico’s Copper Canyon

About the Chepe Train Route

There are two trains that cross the Copper Canyon. These are the Chepe Regional and the Chepe Express. The main difference between them is that one is thought for tourists and is more luxurious (Chepe Express) and the other is more for locals that need transportation (Chepe Regional). If you want to know more about the differences read: “Chepe Express vs Chepe Regional“.

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What route? When to go? What class in Chepe Express? How to buy tickets?

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The Chepe Regional goes through the entire route from Chihuahua to Los Mochis and the Chepe Express goes from Los Mochis to Creel (halfway).

The route is full of wonderful places like El Fuerte, Bahuichivo, Creel, Divisadero and Posada Barrancas among others. Passengers can get off the train to spend a few days off, rest, and see the attractions in each stop. If you want to know more about the attractions read: Best attractions of Copper Canyon.

During the journey you can admire the landscapes of Sierra Madre through the large windows of the Chepe train. Relax while viewing the amazing views.

Passengers have the possibility to walk between the wagons to breathe the clean air of the mountains and take pictures.

Geographical Localization of the Copper Canyon Train Route

I made this map many years ago and it shows all the touristic destinations of the traditional route. The train changes schedules and stops all the time. Please contact us to know the latest train itineraries.

See Chepe Train Route in a larger map

Plan a Vacation to Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon Train

In my experience there are two general types of travelers nowadays. The ones that prefer to have a booked and prepaid trip with everything organized, and those who prefer to organize everything by themselves and even sometimes improvise in the destination.

First, I am going to speak to those that want everything organized that are most of the travelers that visit Copper Canyon. For me, planning a vacation to Copper Canyon means choosing the right tour from the right tour operator.

Let’s deal with the first part “choosing the right travel agency or tour operator”. There are not so many official options and all are posted here: Agencias de viaje – Chepe. As you can see Hoteleus, our travel agency, is listed as one of the agencies in Los Mochis. If you do not see us there is because you have to click in Los Mochis or because Chepe changes all the time its website and the link has changed. Please contact us to update this post and put the correct link.

How does Hoteleus stands out? We offer more tour options than any other travel agency. We have developed a system that help us organize all the hotels, transfers and tours seamlessly.

All our travel agents are experts that have visited the destination, some in many occasions, and we have a long and close relationship with all the suppliers in the destination.

And we do not have any conflict of interest because some of the other tour operators organize tour itineraries so that tourists use their services more, and that is many times something that is not good for the itinerary.

Now dealing with the question what tour do I choose?

  1. Duration – Most of our American and Canadian friends that visit Copper Canyon like to choose an itinerary of 7 days to compensate the long flight. Normally they have to fly to Mexico City and from there fly to Los Mochis or Chihuahua. The minimal advised time to do the trip is 5 days (you will not see all the attractions)
  2. Where to start and end? The best is to start in Los Mochis and end in Chihuahua or vice versa. Do not start and end in the same city. Although it is also possible and many do it like this.

Now that you have this information, I invite you to check the tours of 7 days that start and end in a different city:

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I forgot! For all of those that like to organize everything by themselves you will need to deeply study the route. You have to choose the correct schedules of the train and make your hotel reservations. It is hightly advisable to have everything prepaid and booked before arrival, specialy in high season.

I made this video that is in Spanish. Sorry, most of the visitors to Copper Canyon are Mexicans and speak Spanish. Please change the subtitles to English..

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