Mexico Copper Canyon Tours – the largest tour operator in Copper Canyon, serving more than 3,000 passengers each year – wants to offer more people the opportunity to experience the spectacular natural landscape and the indigenous culture of the Chepe train route.

Larger and deeper than Arizona’s Grand Canyon, yet unknown to most people, ‘Copper Canyon’ is actually made up of six distinct canyons in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range. Touring Copper Canyon along the El Chepe promises a journey that is full of surprises.

Some of the best views are only visible from the train itself, the Chepe Express. It travels a similar route to the commuter train, the Chepe Regional, but it stops at the best locations for tourists. Recently refurbished, the ride along the copper canyon railway is decked out luxuriously with a bar car, a panoramic viewing deck, and a restaurant car.

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Along the way…

Here’s a handful of the experiences travelers can look forward to with a trip from Copper Canyon Tours:

– The views at El Mirador Grand Hotel: the only hotel in the region that comes with a 180 degree panoramic view of Copper Canyon from every room. This stunning property, part of the Balderrama collection, has an authentic restaurant and bar.

– Copper Canyon Adventure Park: just a three minute drive from El Mirador, this park is home to the second-longest zip line in the world and more adventures.

– Magical Towns: El Fuerte and Chihuahua are home to three centuries of colonial history and hold several local “fiestas”, celebrated with pageants.

With so many activities and places to encounter in the region, the best way to tour copper canyon is with an experienced tour operator, such as Mexico Copper Canyon Tours. From 3-day excursions to 8-day experiences, they have curated a selection of itineraries to suit any kind of traveler. As part of the Hoteleus Travel Designers group, the team have perfected their service over the 13 years they have been in operation.

“Copper Canyon might be there forever – but we won’t! This is the most amazing trip in Mexico and every traveler should visit it.” Eddie Christian Aguilar Kleimann, travel design specialist and Founder of Hoteleus, speaks about why he thinks more people should visit this gem in the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains. “There are moments in life when we connect with the eternal. Contemplating the greatness of Copper Canyon is one of those times in life.

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