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Best tours on El Chepe Train

Are you looking for the best tours on ”El Chepe” Train? Do you want to visit the majestic Copper Canyon Mexico (Barrancas del Cobre)? Read carefully what a good tour includes!

Copper Canyon Tour on the Chepe Express

One of the places that have generated immense tourist interest, in recent years in México, is the Copper Canyon tours. You should visit without missing any detail. There is only one way to have a privileged view of this canyon system, approaching the only passenger train in the country: El Chepe train.

Some of the most symbolic stations to have the best views are Divisadero and Posada Barrancas.

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The train inaugurated in the 20th century, but the Tarahumara Indians have been inhabiting the region in huts, caves and other primitive places, for a long time. They have known all the secrets of the area for more than 500 years, and now you have the opportunity to meet them!

Although it’s possible to have a good view of the canyon by road, we recommend the tours on the Chepe train without any doubt an unforgettable experience that you’ll want to repeat all over again.

Perhaps many are unaware of the fact, but the Copper Canyon is deeper and more extensive than the famous Grand Canyon in Colorado, United States.

The key is to choose a good tour that offers all the comforts, such as accommodation in four and five-star hotels with breakfast included, transfers, guided tours in different train stops and, of course, the tickets included. We offer you this and more in your incredible vacations in the north of Mexico.

There are several options for tours on the Chepe train

You can choose between different tours, from 3 to 7 days. It wouldn’t surprise us if you later get the impression that 6 days were not enough to know all the hidden treasures of Sierra Madre.

However, to make your trip as complete as possible, we recommend you choose a 6-day tour option, simply because each train station represents a world to discover.

Activities you can do in Parque Aventuras Barrancas del Cobre

Hundreds of emotions await you here! They will take your breath away, like the hanging bridge amidst deep chasms.

One of the best known attractions is the Cable Car, able to transport 510 people per hour. The panoramic view it offers is impressive, in particular, Barranca de Urique, which is 1879 meters deep!

The most recent attraction of this park is the aerial forest; it includes a zip-line and 10 hanging bridges with different levels of difficulty.

The Zip Rider is another activity full of emotions. Travel about 2530 meters on the zip-line in just 3 minutes, with an 80 to 135 kilometers per hour speed.

The zip-lines in this park are the longest in the world; you can take a ride up to 400 m height, at a 65 to 110 km per hour speed. On the way, you will go through 7 jumps and two suspension bridges.

The Via Ferrata is a circuit that includes rock climbing, rappelling and Tarzan jump and the youngest members of the family can also expect different activities full of adrenaline.

The tour is full of charming towns

One of the most visited towns is Creel. There are historical attractions to experience as the monument to Enrique Creel, the local museum and a particular neo-Gothic church.

Another magical town is Batopilas, which is nestled in the deepest part of the canyon. You will be surprised by the natural beauty of this place and the enormous variety of flora and fauna.

Lastly, if you are a ”good-wine” fan, you’ll love to visit the Cerocahui vineyards and their neat selection of bottles.

**It’s best to hire a tour with a committed and responsible team, and this is just what we offer.

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