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Visit the Copper Canyon in Winter

Visiting the Copper Canyon in winter is an incredible experience. You will be impressed by its white landscapes as the snowfalls.

From the main square of Creel ”postcard” look to the panoramic perspective embedded in the Barrancas, it will make you think you are in the clouds.

In this place, you can do many activities and know the most beautiful places.

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The trip starts when you get on the Chepe, a railroad that since 1961 joins Chihuahua with Sinaloa.

Chepe Train Tour

During the winter, snow on the mountains can be marvelous, since the Sierra Tarahumara acquires other tonalities after the snowfall. During the trip, whose duration depends on the destination station, you can witness the mountains and trees covered with snow.

Even during the winter, on the way back, you can enjoy a colorful sunset.


Creel, el Pueblo Mágico (the Magical Town), is one of the most picturesque places to visit in the Copper Canyon in winter.

This small town has a sale of handicrafts, made by the Tarahumara Indians (known locally as Rarámuri) who live along the canyons; places of lodging, restaurants and a museum. There are also several natural attractions such as the Arareco Lake, the Cusárare Waterfall, the Rocohuata Hot Springs and, a little further away, the highest waterfall in Mexico, the Cascada de Piedra Volada or Huajumar, in the Basaseachi National Park.

Cable Car of the Copper Canyon

This cable car, located in the Divisadero Station, covers 2.8km, offering views and a cross between deep canyons.

From there, you can observe snow in the Copper Canyon, breathing pure air and transferring to fantastic stories.

The trip to the Copper Canyon in winter can be even more pleasant if you wear comfortable and warm clothing, a thermos for hot drinks and, above all, a very open mind to enjoy all the magic that implies in this place.

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