Hotel Mirador Barrancas del Cobre

Hotel Mirador: the best hotel in Copper Canyon

If you like nature, culture and adventure, you have probably heard about the Copper Canyon Mexico, one of the most beautiful and imposing natural landscapes of America.

Mexico’s Copper Canton is waiting for you, along with this magical view of the Tarahumara’s mountain area, located in the Divisadero stop of el ”Chepe train”.

To get here, you hace to journey in El Chepe train; the only passenger railroad in Mexico that crosses the ”Sierra Tarahumara”.

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Divisadero is one of the most important stops of el Chepe Train since it is located at the top of the Canyons so that visitors can enjoy its amazing view.

It is located in Chihuahua, Mexico, where the Tarahumara ethnic group lives there. A place that is full of mountains, valleys, and rivers.

Hotel Mirador

Multi-award winning hotel, positioned on the edge of the canyons of the Copper Canyon, surrounded by pine trees, and appears to be engraved with natural stone.

The Mirador Hotel has a modern trend, mixed with ”Tarahumara’s” traditional style to make you feel comfortable and warm. You can experience a glass of wine and a good conversation with these spectacular landscapes; enjoy the view while you’re sitting on any balcony of its rooms.

Apart from this, it has a gourmet cuisine serving the best national and international specialties, as well as entertainment to join your meals.

Besides, Hotel Mirador also offers many adventure activities, such as:

  • Horseback riding.
  • Hikes through the canyons.
  • Visit the Tarahumara Cave.

If you’re not convinced yet, acknowledge that we offer the best hotel in Copper Canyon, along with a perfect view of ”Las Barrancas”, adorned with the sunset and its coppery color that draws the mountains every day.

Come visit, so you can enjoy your visit to the Sierra Tarahumara!

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