Cerro Del Gallego Copper Canyon

This is the best Copper Canyon Tour!

Do you want to know what is the best tour to Copper Canyon Mexico? You have come to the right place! Read this information carefully.

One of the great natural wonders of Mexican territory are the Copper Canyon. A group of 7 mountain trails located in Chihuahua, specifically in the Sierra Tarahumara.

Do you like to contemplate natural and exuberant landscapes in sight? Do not wait long to make a visit to Copper Canyon, a place you should see sometime in your life. How to visit the Canyons? On board the only passenger train in Mexico: the “Chepe”.

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What route? When to go? What class in Chepe Express? How to buy tickets?

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Do you want to visit real natural beauties, try different attractions for the whole family and visit magical dream towns with very friendly people? Here we give you all the keys to the best tour to Copper Canyon.

Do you know the train types?

Chepe Regional Train

There are two train categories: the “Chepe” Regional and the new “Chepe Express”. No matter what type of train you choose, the majestic landscapes of the Sierra de Tarahumara will be equally impressive.

During the tour, you will cross 37 bridges and 87 tunnels. The “Chepe” leaves from Chihuahua to the Mochis or vice versa, being the most emblematic Divisadero station, where it stops for 15 minutes so that passengers can contemplate the Copper Canyon. The total journey lasts about 16 hours.

The “Chepe” Regional has the capacity to accommodate 64 passengers and within it you will have some services, such as bathrooms at the end of each car, a special area to store your luggage and a la carte menu where you can enjoy simple dishes.

The “Chepe Express” is the shortest and most luxurious version. It has very comfortable and ergonomic seats for its passengers, as well as a beautiful panoramic view. It also has luxury bathrooms and an excellent service of snacks and drinks in the Urike restaurant that offers the most important meals of the day. The journey is shorter and lasts about 9 hours.

Learn about the main features of our five-star tour

Hotel Mirador Barrancas del Cobre

We will start by highlighting that during the trip aboard the “Chepe” train, in each station we will take you to the best hotels of the most emblematic stops of the train. One important note: the rooms are two double beds and you can not include an extra bed. We have agreements with the best hotels in the region and our luxury portfolio includes 4 and 5 star hotels.

For example, at the El Fuerte station, the best lodging option is the Posada El Hidalgo Hotel, a place that housed famous personalities such as Diego de la Vega, better known as <<El Zorro>>. Another good alternative of accommodation is the Hotel Misión in Bahuichivo. It should be noted that the Mission Hotel has great breakfasts in addition to a splendid view of the place.

The Quinta Mision Hotel is the most modern in the town of Creel and has spectacular luxury rooms. In the city of Chihuahua our recommendation is for the minimalist Hotel Ramada that is located throughout the modern zone of Chihuahua.

The tours to Copper Canyon include transfers in luxury vehicles, so you should not worry about the transfer.

Our guide service is professional and highly knowledgeable about the place in fact. This is one of the great advantages of hiring an organized tour: when you do a tour on your own there are details that we do not know unless a guide is there to let us know.

What will you do on the tour to Copper Canyon?

Copper Canyon Adventure Park
Copper Canyon Adventure Park

As we mentioned, the Copper Canyon is the biggest natural attraction and the most famous viewpoint to contemplate this group of canyons is in the Divisadero station. But it is not the only place where you can contemplate the Barrancas exclusively, there are stations that offer beautiful views.

Among the attractions of the Barrancas is the cable car which you can cross from one end to the other and with an estimated duration of 40 minutes. On the other hand, the park has the most extensive zip line system in the world. Here you can literally fly at speeds between 65 and 110 kilometers per hour and 400 meters high.

Another well-known attraction is the Via Ferrata, a circuit that includes rappelling, rock climbing and the <<Salto de Tarzan>>. The whole circuit lasts an hour and a half and the adrenaline will be a million. On the other hand, there are different activities for children that call attention to adventure and extreme sports and family trips by bicycle, horse and ATV, without forgetting the walks to important archaeological sites.

Other highlights of the tour to Copper Canyon

Among the must-see places in your tour to Copper Canyon is Creel, a magical, quiet and beautiful town that is among the most popular destinations in the Sierra. In this town we can afford total immersion in the lifestyle of the area and enjoy some restaurants that serve typical food.

The Arareko Lake is 5 km from Creel and what impresses is the mirror effect of its pristine waters. The Valley of the Fungi is another magical place that can be accessed with relative ease and is part of our tourist offer. Here it is possible to rent a horse and contemplate rock formations that resemble giant fungi.

During the tour, you will get many excuses to contemplate the beautiful blue sky of the Sierra Madre, rent a bicycle and even if you wish, ask for a boat ride to contemplate the lakes of the place very closely.

A unique opportunity in life!

If you have arrived here it is because you are probably in the process of planning your trip to Chihuahua on the “Chepe” train and it is very usual to have many questions and doubts. Is it a headache to plan and organize every detail of the trip? In this sense you can trust us. Design a tour on your own, many will say it is cheaper, but on the way you will miss many of the secrets hidden in the Sierra Tarahumara.

A tour to Barrancas del Cobre will be one of those magical experiences that you will not forget in a lifetime. Being in touch with the nature and culture of the people of the Sierra is knowing an important part of the Mexican culture and its roots.

We reiterate that this ecotourism tour is one of the most beautiful in all of Mexico and it is best to do it with all the comforts of the case, that is, with food services, stay in 4 and 5 star hotels, transfers and guided tours.

You will live a unique experience in our tours to Copper Canyon and you will not have to worry about setting up your own itinerary since we have done it for you. If you are a lover of extreme adventure or you are looking for a quiet family outing, the “Chepe” train route offers alternatives for everyone.

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