We have done this small Copper Canyon travel guide to introduce you tou this spectacular destination. Live one of the most memorable trips to Copper Canyon, onboard of ”El Chepe” Train.

Trips, when made by land, provide direct contact with people and with nature. During your Copper Canyon travel experience you will feel the land. The spectacular vies will amaze you, the food will delite you and the culture of the place will show you a different perspective of life.

Imagine making a trip that allows you to see the desert by morning and the sea in the afternoon, make the trip inside the symbol of progress, luxury and comfort, known as ”El Chepe”. The train route that crosses the Copper Cayon is one of Mexico’s most reknown engineering achievements.

This small Copper Canyon Travel Guide will help you plan your trip to Copper Canyon and imagine what you will do during your trip

A unique trip in the world

Since 1961 the “Chepe” has connected the City of Chihuahua, the capital of the state, with Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

The railroad is the outcome of the Industrial Revolution and the symbol of human progress. Building the train trails was a great achievement of engineering, and it’s the same route that the railroad travels with passengers that enjoy the Copper Canyon views.

This small Copper Canyon travel guide also intends to let you know that you will ot only be crossing the mountians. You will be riding history!

During the trip you will be crossing the Sierra Madre Occidental. Around 700 kilometers, passing more than 80 tunnels and 35 bridges, becoming one of the most spectacular and passionate engineering train routs of the planet.

The two most affordable categories on the two routes are very profitable, the difference between the trains is that the “Express” route is shorter and the cars are newer.

For the Executive class, the settlements have tables in the middle of the seats and are only available in the shortest route. Besides, on the shortest route, there is a Bar car, a two-story restaurant, and a terrace car.

As expected, all cars have huge glass areas, and the point of it is that passengers enjoy the impressive show outside the train!

Tours to Copper Canyon

The experience of traveling aboard the “Chepe” and the tours to Copper Canyon is spectacular, especially considering that you can appreciate the Copper Canyon in all its splendor.

Named for the color of the walls, in the heart of the Sierra Tarahumara, there are 7 of the most impressive cliffs in the world since they are the longest and deepest, even more than those of Colorado, United States.

Inside the giant copper walls, years of Rarámuris or Tarahumara traditions have been kept, home of this indigenous people. Around the canyons is an impressive forest in which you can breathe a magical atmosphere while guarding ancestral secrets.

Recommendations for traveling on the “Chepe” train and tours to Copper Canyon

Although thousands of passengers aboard El Chepe train every day, it’s deserving getting off at some or all of the stops and knowing their characteristics.

Therefore, depending on the route of the tours to Barrancas del Cobre, you must be very aware of the following:

  • The express route rail has fewer cars and fewer passengers, so it is recommended to buy your tickets in advance. For trips in high season, people suggest to purchase them up to 4 months in advance. On the Regional route, you can buy them before going up.
  • Although the trains have Wi-Fi networks, it is better to bring cash to the trip.
  • Use clothes according to the seasons and the activities that are planned to be carried out. For example, during January and February, you can find snow. In summer, there’s a lot of heat in almost all the routes, that’s why you should bring lighter clothes.
  • The train allows you to get off and on at the stops, and it’s also possible to spend the night in the villages of some of the stations, but the schedules are strict, so, not to miss the train, you should be at the stations at least half an hour before the departure time.

Check the schedules, which may be subject to changes depending on the day of the week.

Activities to do in each stop on your tour to Copper Canyon:

  • Divisadero Station. It is best to enjoy the view of the canyons. Its surroundings are lookouts, and hanging bridges, where you can do mountain bike, bike route to Creel and in Parque Aventuras Barrancas del Cobre, you can enjoy the cable car, ATVs, zip lines, outdoor activities such as hiking or sighting birds or enjoy the evening and the starry sky at night.
  • The Urique Canyon. Undoubtedly a show from its vantage point at 2,300 meters of altitude, which you can see with the steepness of the canyon.
  • Valley of the Fungi. Located between the municipalities of Guachochi and Guerrero, we find Bocoyna, which hides a natural spectacle thanks to its rock formations eroded in a particular way that resemble fungi of different sizes.
  • Mennonite community. During the trip it is possible to see the racial contrasts that Chihuahua offers. A sample of this is the Mennonite communities, settled since 1922 in San Antonio de los Arenales, descendants of German and Dutch roots.
  • Tarahumaras. The Rarámuris or Tarahumaras are the guardians of the region. They preserve their ancestral traditions, showing themselves to be mysterious and magical. A trip to this region of the country allows to see these Mexicans, worthy representatives of the cultures of Aridoamérica.
  • The Basaseachi Waterfall. Inside the Basaseachi National Park is the waterfall that gives it its name. The Basaseachi Waterfall is considered the second highest in the country and the fifth largest on the continent.

You will enjoy the best of the best tours to Copper Canyon!