Taking a tour in the Chepe Express in Copper Canyon is one of Mexico’s most existing experiencies in Mexico.

The Chepe Express train route thrills travelers visiting the Northeast of Mexico by land onboard a passenger train. The adventure of “El Chepe Express” is unforgettable, and change the perspective of what it means to travel by train.

Everything you need to know about the “Chepe Express”

The “Chepe Express” offers a 9-hour tour traveling over the majestic mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental. It runs through the famous Copper Canyon from Creel (Chihuahua) to Los Mochis (Sinaloa) and viceversa.

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What route? When to go? What class in Chepe Express? How to buy tickets?

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As the name implies the “Chepe Express” train has a shorter route than the 16-hours traditional Chepe train now called Chepe Regional. The Chepe Express is designed for tourists and it offers a luxurious adventure.

From the inside of the train, you can see the beautiful landscapes, the home of the Raramuris, the Sierra Tarahumara.

Services Chepe Express offers:

About 340 people can travel in the Chepe Express. It has 6 passenger cars divided into 3 classes: Turista, Executiva and Primera. Primera Class is of absolute luxury and comfort.

Passengers traveling in the Executive Class and Primera Class will enjoy many facilities, such as:

  • Panoramic windows, comfortable reclining seats with a central table, snacks and drinks services, bar with a panoramic view, HD screens, premium audio systems, among other luxury facilities.

The Turista Class is an excellent option to enjoy the journey with the family in a comfortable and relaxed environment. They also get to enjoy services like:

  • Panoramic windows, HD screens, premium audio systems, and a WiFi network during the tour.

Most tourists choose to book Primera Clase because it includes meals in some parts of the journey and it has exclusive access to the train’s terrace.

During the time the tour lasts, “El Chepe Express” offers bar service where you can enjoy drinks and the beautiful view of the Sierra Tarahumara.

Furthermore, the trip would not be complete without attending Urike Restaurant, where you can enjoy breakfast and lunch, along with the impressive view thanks to the panoramic dome of the second level in the train.

We recommend you try the delicacies of the region that chef Daniel Ovadía and Salvador Orozco cook onboard El Chepe train.

Travelling in “El Chepe Express”

Since 1961, the Chihuahua-Pacific Train makes the most spectacular and majestic land trip in Mexico. Basically, you get to see spectacular natural landscapes as the train raids through the mountains in the Copper Canyon Region.

“The Chepe Express” allows you to do it with total comfort and luxury. Besides electronic amenities and very comfortable armchairs, the real attraction is in the natural beauty of the Sierra Tarahumara and the Copper Canyon.

Advantage of the trip in “the Chepe Express”

The northeastern region of Mexico is unique by itself, and you can appreciate nature all year round. For example:

In January and February, it is possible to see the canyons full of snow.

Between March and May, before the rainy season, the weather is dry, but this doesn’t mean the natural spectacle is less showy.

At Easter, Rarámuris tend to wear colorful dresses for dancing, processions, and representations.

In June, July, and August, the rainy season gives breathtaking views of the Cusárare waterfalls. From September to December, nature and the cable car become the main attractions.

The stops of the “Chepe Express”

The “Chepe Express” route is shorter than the regional circuit. Departing from Los Mochis to Creel, Chihuahua by morning and returning from Sinaloa in the afternoon.

Although the train crosses the same bridges, tunnels, 3 states of the Mexican Republic and different towns, its circuit only has 4 stops: Creel, Divisadero, El Fuerte, and Los Mochis.

In Los Mochis, travelers can visit places like:

  • Topolobampo Bay.
  • the ”dolphinarium”.
  • Farallón Island.
  • Sinaloa Park.
  • Isla de Los Pájaros.

In El Fuerte, Sinaloa, you can relive the colonial era along with natural, cultural and beautiful indigenous traditions. This magical town offers unique streets and mansions in Mexico.

El Divisadero, in Chihuahua, is undoubtedly the most important show of this trip. apart from the train. Here, you can see the three most important canyons of the Sierra Tarahumara.

This is the area where the Urique, the Tararecua, the Copper, converge to show a unique natural spectacle in the world.

The advantage is that all attractions, tours and train tickets can be purchased at this link and you can live the best train experience of your life.

If you travel with your family, don’t forget to visit the Copper Canyon Adventure Park, where you can see the canyons from above inside the cable car!