Creel is the Town of the Tarahumaras

Probably the most visited town, is very close to the city of Chihuahua so it is a must to stop the Chepe Train at the station, so that travelers enjoy taking a breath comfortably in this magical town.

The station was founded in 1907, but before this used to be a “Rarámuri ranchería” (original name of the Tarahumaras) called Nariachi. It is the first encounter with the mountain range through the Chepe Train.

It is located in the watershed of the Tarahumara mountain range. The streams that are born a few kilometers to the west are part of the basin of the Conchos River, a tributary of the Rio Grande. Those of the south and the west as the stream San Ignacio, and feed the rivers of the Copper Canyon, which flow into the Pacific.

It is nestled high in the Sierra Madre Occidental, in the municipality of Bocoyna; It has a beautiful plaza de armas conformed by a tree-lined esplanade, a kiosk and a monument to Enrique Creel, who is the founder of the town.

You will find the church of Cristo Rey, which is built with an interesting neo-Gothic style. You can also see the temple of Our Lady of Lourdes; both are simple buildings but completely beautiful.

If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Creel, it is highly recommended to rent a bicycle so you can go around the town; You will see the stunning landscapes between forest and areas inhabited by the Tarahumara. In <Valle de Hongos> several rocks of multiple and capricious forms are appraised. You will also find La Casa and El Museo de Artesanías, which are dedicated to the indigenous culture of the region: the Rarámuri.

The Cristo Rey monument has a viewpoint towards an impressive view. In winter it is usual to appreciate a wonderful snowy landscape, but at the beginning of summer will see the panorama sometimes resembles a dry wasteland with cracked earth. Both have their particular beauty, in the end you will decide in what time to visit this magical town.

If you are looking to learn about the celebrations and traditions of the town, July 31 is ideal to contemplate the patron saint of Ignacio de Loyola in Arareko or, at the end November the patronal feast of Christ the King is celebrated. On December 12th with colorful, colorful celebrations and in accordance with the traditions celebrated in Arareko the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The most traditional craftsmanship of the Rarámuris is basketry, especially “wares”, which are woven baskets with palm leaves. They have ventured quite and with great skill in products of carved wood, decorative objects and furniture; objects made of clay and woolen items.

Among the exquisite and eccentric dishes, they stand out for their dehydrated products, such as dried meat and dried chiles, the delicious dry meat caldillo, which is very easy to find in Creel.