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Featured articles of Mexico’s Copper Canyon tours and the train Chepe. Visit one of the most wondefull train journeys in the world.

Unveiling the Secrets of Copper Canyons: Nature’s Masterpiece Awaits Your Exploration

Hidden deep within the heart of Mexico lies one of nature's most awe-inspiring treasures - the magnificent Copper Canyons. This vast network of breathtaking...
Urique Canyon

Epic Wonders of Copper Canyon in Mexico and Conquer the Extraordinary

Copper Canyon in Mexico: The Best World's Train Ride When it comes to breathtaking natural wonders, Copper Canyon in Mexico deserves a top spot. Spread...
Chepe Express

Chepe Express vs Chepe Regional Train

Do you know the differences between the New Chepe Express and the Regional Train? In this post, we'll explain the advantages and differences between...
Mexico Copper Canyon Tours Chepe Regional

The New and Stunning Copper Canyon Train Route

The Copper Canyon Train Hello! My name is Eddie and I have advised people travelling to the Copper Canyon train for 10 years now. Probably...